The person

Jóannes has run his own design studio since 2006 and has with great success concentrated on new construction, extensions and conversions for the private as well as for the public sector. With more than 25 years of experience from Danish and Nordic recognized design studios, Jóannes has gained a broad professionalism/experience and has built up a widespread network.

In addition, Jóannes deals a lot in architectural competitions, both national and international.


Jóannes architecture performs both client consulting and total consulting for private and public clients and is furthermore co-operating with design and consulting teams.

Jóannes design is inspired by the family roots from the Faroe Islands with backbone in Nordic aesthetics. Jóannes design is an all-round design company. The customer segment and target group are mostly the hotel, travel, event and restaurant industry.

The company

Jóannes architecture-design was established in 2006 and has its office on Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

The company is a one-man company owned by architect maa Jóannes Petersen.

Jóannes architecture-design is member of Danish and Faroese Architectural Companies. Advice is provided in accordance with ABR89. The company is covered by a professional liability insurance in Topdanmark.

Jóannes architecture-design has cooperation agreements with other consulting companies both in the Faroe Islands and in Denmark.


Jóannes architecture-design has its office at Sjællandsgade 59B – 203, 2200 Copenhagen N.

If you have a task or project that needs to be solved professionally, please contact Jóannes architecture-design.


Jóannes Petersen is educated architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture in Copenhagen and also educated as building designer from the Danish School of Civil Engineering in Copenhagen.

Prior to starting as freelancer in 2006, Jóannes has worked as architect for leading architectural firms in Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark.